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Holidays in Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia: why choose Sardinia Blu Resort in Golfo Aranci

Spending the holidays in Sardinia is the dream of millions of Italians and of more and more tourists from all over the world. Golfo Aranci, with its prime location, a short distance away from the airport, and perfectly connected to the continent by the sea, offers many dreamlike beaches. For this reason, Golfo Aranci is today one of the most known and popular tourist destinations of the island. Here you will find some information about the beauties of our landscape, but also about the services and amenities offered by Sardinia Blu Residence in Golfo Aranci: the best residence for families and groups of friends.

The beauties of Golfo Aranci

Not many people know that the name of this astonishing gulf doesn’t come from the well-known citrus trees, that you would expect to find in the surroundings. As a matter of fact, the name derives from a changing of the original name, that, in the local dialect was “Golfo de li ranci”, that is Gulf of the Crabs, due to the presence of a large amount of these crustaceans.

Thanks to its position, and thanks to its natural shape and the abundance of fish, the gulf has always been used as a marine port and has received a large number of commercial exchanges.

The sea and the beaches of Golfo Aranci

The sea of Gallura is famous for being among the most beautiful and cleanest gulfs in Italy. The sand is particularly fine and white so that the beaches of Golfo Aranci are often compared to the most beautiful ones of the well—known tropical locations.

Capo Figari and Cala Maresca are definitely to places worth exploring (located in front of the island of Figarolo, gently situated in a cove between the sea and the pinewood, alternating sandy stretches and spots where the rocks emerge: one of the most beautiful beaches of Golfo Aranci).

The islands of Tavolara Molara and Figarolo are two attractions that should be visited too. Capo Figari is a mainly rocky promontory, and goes into the sea for over 200 meters and can reach a height of 340 meters. Capo Figari can be easily reached by sea, or by land if you’re prone to adventurous explorations. As a matter of fact, this last option allows you to walk through the charming little coves, which hide the finest beaches in Golfo Aranci.

Just North of Capo Figari you will find the very heart of the Emerald Coast, with all its heritage of natural treasures and tourist attractions, which made it one of the main destinations both for Italian and international luxury tourism.

Residence Golfo Aranci

The economy of Golfo Aranci is mainly based on fishing and tourism.

Our residence in Golfo Aranci, the Sardinia Blu Resort, offers apartments of various dimensions, furnished in a typical Sardinian style. It’s a wonderful resort, located in a green oasis of sea view apartments, with a garden full of flowers and colourful plants. Small pets are allowed (on request).

The beach can be reached in just 3-minute walking: our residence is just 200 meters away from the sea and we provide our customers with one of the most beautiful beaches in the north-eastern coast of our unique island: the beach of Terza Spiaggia, with its finest sand and crystal-clear water, will enchant you.

Cala Sabina, not far from the resort, is among the finest beaches of Gallura. It’s about 300 meters long and characterized by its with sand, of the finest kind, and crowned by rich Mediterranean vegetation, growing lush along all the Sardinian Coast. The seabed is wallow and sandy, which contributes to make Cala Sabina a very comfortable and safe destination especially for families with children.

For those who would prefer to alternate between the sea and the freshwater, the Sardinia Blu Residence offers to guests a swimming pool with all the required comforts, just a few steps from the apartments: always ready for you to get a refreshing dip.

Eating in Golfo Aranci

Obviously, we provide our guests with a proper Sardinian culinary experience, offering only expertly prepared dishes and high-quality ingredients.

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